Advice From An Expert: How To Write Quantitative Research Paper On Ecosystems

A quantitative paper on ecosystems can be quit the task for students to tackle. The investment of time and the knowledge required to complete one successfully in immense, and so many students are apprehensive of tackling the task of completing such a paper. However you no longer need to fear, as we have conjured just the guide for you.

  • Sources
  • First you need to get up to scratch with the latest literature on ecosystems. The reason for this will be made clear when we explain how to structure your paper. The best way to find sources is through an online journal that is dedicated to ecosystems. These will have the latest literature submitted in regards to ecosystems. Another useful way to finding good sources for your paper is through your college’s library.

  • Research
  • Another extremely important aspect of your research papers quantitative method is how you will acquire your results to analyse. Since you are composing a quantitative paper, your results need to be in the form of statistical data that you can analyse.

    This usually means that you will need to conduct your findings in the form of numbers that can be analysed. For example, in relation to ecosystems, you can see how the population of, say, birds has changed in your local area.

    You do not always necessarily need to come up with your own data for this type of paper. You can also analyse existing data, or manipulate it, to support your hypothesis. However, it is recommended that you use a mixture of the two to conduct your findings.

  • Structure
  • The structure of your writing is paramount for the reader to understand your work. If your paper is not well structure then you will lose marks, and your excellent findings will be to no avail. As such, there is a designated quantitative research paper example that college papers follow which we will show you.

    • Introduction: The introduction gives an overview to your reader of what you will be discussing, in this a topic within ecosystem. However, there are many papers on the subject, so you need a good hook in your opening to draw your reader in and make them further interested in your writing. You need to ensure that you include your hypothesis in the introduction.
    • Literature Review: This is where you will discuss and analyse the current literature on ecosystems to give your reader background context on the topic. Hence, why it is important to have found good sources as discussed above.
    • Methodology: Here you will discuss the methods you used to obtain your results
    • Analysis: This section is an analysis of the results you obtained through your methodology.
    • Conclusion: The conclusion begins by repeating your hypothesis and then stating whether or not it was supported by your results.
  • Editing
  • After you have completed you paper, you must begin the editing process. Editing a research paper may seem tedious but it is an extremely important step that you must not overlook.

If you follow this guide then there is no reason why you should not achieve high marks in your work.