Choosing Unique Research Paper Ideas For A Science Class

You may find science the most boring subject in the world, as is the case with many students in school. So, when it comes time to compose a paper on your science paper, you might feel that it’s almost a punishment for you. But you do not need to see it like this. In fact, to your shock and horror, it might even be an enjoyable experience for you by following our unique ideas to implement in your paper.


The main aspect many students have trouble with, when writing their science paper, is choosing an adequate topic. The topic you choose needs to be one that genuinely interested you in class. If you do not do this and choose any old topic then your motivation to complete your paper to a high standard will wane.

The first task when coming up research paper ideas for science paper is to choose which area of science you enjoyed learning about the most in class; biology, chemistry or physics. Once you have figured this out then you can narrow this down further by then looking at the area within that subject you found most interesting.

The following are a mixture of topics from the three sciences that we feel make for excellent research paper topics:

  • Is autism caused by a malfunction in the brain?
  • Is the opposition to Genetically Modified Food in Europe due to the science involved or economics?
  • What is chronic fatigue? How can our understanding of it be better improved?
  • Can memory loss and dementia be prevented?
  • What are some effective ways to replace eggs in baking?
  • What are the effects of pesticides of run-off soil?
  • The chemistry of MDMA
  • How can yeast be turned into biofuel and what benefits can be derived from this conversion?
  • What are the main substitutes for natural gas and what are the possible future developments for replacements?
  • How will private space flights change the landscape of space exploration?
  • How likely is it for the Earth to be struck by a comet? What methods can be used to detect and stop this?

These research paper topics in library and information science will allow you to introduce a host of different source material to analyse and discuss during your essay.


You need to include good sources for you to analyse in your paper. As such, the best places we recommend is your school’s library. There will be many books on the subject area of science that you choose. It is also useful to go through your class notes, as these will include some good information that you can include in your paper, along with furthering your understanding in the subject.

We hope that this article has been helpful in allowing you to choose good research paper topics, science related, that will lead you to success in your work. Remember to include good sources and to narrow down to a subject area in science, before beginning your paper. We wish you the best of luck in your paper.