A List Of Interesting College Research Paper Topics On Deforestation

Deforestation is a big topic for contention in the modern world, considering the rate at which deforestation is occurring in many areas of the planet. As such, it makes for an excellent paper topic to choose. However, the difficult many students face when they decide to base their paper around deforestation is choosing an adequate topic to write about. This article will discuss a list of interesting topics to choose from.

Sources and Research

The main aspect of your paper that you need to focus on is finding adequate and relevant sources along with acquiring your results to analyse in your paper. The reason why we are discussing this is so that it is easier for you to choose a topic you feel that you will enjoy writing your paper on.

For finding good sources to use in your paper, we highly recommend you visiting Google scholar. The service is free of charge and houses a database with thousands of pages of literature on deforestation. You need to find literature relevant to the topic area of deforestation you have chosen.

Another good avenue to finding good sources to implement in your paper is to go to your university’s library. A lot of the time, you will see that books on the topic have good sources that you can use, but cannot be found online. We hope that you now know the typical college research paper format example in terms of including the adequate sources.


When choosing your topic you need to ensure that it is within an area of deforestation that you genuinely enjoyed learning about in your lectures. If not, then you will quickly lose the will power to compose your paper and to acquire your findings to analyse.

The follow are interesting college research paper topic to write your paper on:

  • How are commercial lodging and an increase in the demand for timber and pulp leading to damages on forests?
  • How does grazing cattle and crop planting practices lead to deforestation in developing countries?
  • How can encouraging Brazilians to move to rural areas help in slowing down the rate of deforestation in the country?
  • What is the scientific evidence in the claim that deforestation contributes to the greenhouse effect?
  • How does deforestation contribute to soil erosion?
  • How does deforestation contribute to disruption of the hydrological cycle?
  • How are many species under the threat of extinction due to deforestation?
  • How does deforestation contribute to the spread of disease?
  • Present potential solutions to the problems caused by deforestation.
  • How has road construction lead to an increasing rate of deforestation?

You should now understand how to write a research paper college level and be able to attain high marks using one of our example topics. Alternatively, google for "write my thesis" and seek a professional help online.