How To Select Offbeat Research Paper Topics On Hunting Animals

The first step in composing great assignments in this subject is selecting interesting and original research paper topics on animals. There are certainly a lot of topics you can choose by just reading a few recent articles on the subject, but these might be a little too safe to truly captivate the reader. And unless you have already been provided with a list of animal testing research paper questions by your professor, you might be better off trying to come up with your own offbeat topics to explore. Consider some of these ideas for your assignment:

  1. Should government agencies have great restrictive control over privately owned lands where hunting is allowed at the owners’ discretion and private regulation?
  2. Should gun manufacturers be allowed to sell guns or rifles that are meant for hunting purposes to citizens who do not possess current hunting licenses? Does this violate personal rights?
  3. Are government permits issued for the purpose of hunting certain game effectively regulated to ensure preservation efforts of both game and environmental spaces?
  4. How effective are permit restrictions effective in protecting endangered species who reside in areas where hunting of other animals allowed? Should the government impose greater fines?
  5. Should people be required to take courses or seminars each year to re-learn the rules of safe hunting processes and procedures? Do you think the government does enough?
  6. How does open hunting affect the way scientists and conservationists are able to conduct effective animal research in areas where wildlife populations are decreasing?
  7. Should government funded agencies be given a more powerful hand in determining hunting policies in federal or state lands? Is this government oversight an over-step in power?
  8. How are the hunting traditions of Native Americans protected separately than the practices of other American citizens? Is this a fair separation of rights and privileges?
  9. In what ways are children who learn how to hunt animals affected? Are they more or less likely to commit violent crimes in their later years or are the numbers similar?
  10. When it comes to conserving the natural habitat of endangered species, how effective has foreign government intervention been? Consider the lucrative poaching industry in Africa?
  11. Do you believe international cooperation is as effective as it could be in deterring hunters from killing endangered species? What more can be done to prevent mass killing by poachers?
  12. In what ways does the black market trade of endangered species’ fur, skins, and other parts promote the continued killing in regions that have little to now preventative measures?
  13. Is it right for governments to interfere with the cultural traditions of people who have been hunting for centuries? What does hunting mean to these cultures in the modern world?
  14. How can collaboration between European countries and the U.S. help deter hunting activities by its citizens that occur in lands across Africa?
  15. Should countries be allowed to sell hunting permits to non-citizens who travel from different countries to kill large game?

Use these original ideas put together by some of the best writing experts and apply them to your own animal research paper template. Standing apart from the norm might just give your work that extra boost it needs to earn you the highest grade in class, so don’t be afraid to be a little offbeat.