Picking Up Fresh College Research Paper Topics

Before you begin the process of writing a research paper in college, you should spend ample time brainstorming different topic ideas that are both original and interesting. It’s important to always make a fresh contribution to a discipline (originality) and you should make a contribution others will find exceptionally intriguing (interest). If you aren’t particularly good at coming up with your own ideas, you might want to try out some of these fun research paper topics for college students suggestions we’ve come up with below:

  1. There are growing studies to support the notion that the more access children have natural environments grow-up to become more understanding of social issues. Do you think it’s true?
  2. Are standardized tests effective in determining the intelligence or educational level of students in high school or do the tests merely measure their ability to take a test under timed situations?
  3. Should society invest more in prescription medication that shows promise in curing people of alcohol or drug addiction? What have studies been kept mostly quiet by the science groups?
  4. Should one’s health determine the amount of money one has to pay his or her medical insurance company? Should healthy people pay the lowest amount while others pay more?
  5. Should alternative health methods (e.g., Yoga, Meditation, etc.) be introduced into school curricula? Should they be offered as electives considering that traditional P.E.is failing?
  6. Do you think society has gone too far in blaming the fast food industry for the increase in obesity rates in the country? What more can the industry do to warn against health risks?
  7. Should the world’s leading nations work together to build a massive summer power plant in the world’s largest deserts to start the process of providing global clean energy for decades?
  8. In the United States, several groups would like to reverse the initiatives set forth by Affirmative Action policies. Do you believe those policies have had a positive or negative impact in society?
  9. Do you think it is morally acceptable for the federal government to cease funding city or state governments if those places refuse to follow specific policies that contradict their ways of life?
  10. Do you believe there is a “grade inflation” present in U.S. public schools as a result of over-crowding and decreasing availability in resources? How do they compare to other nations?
  11. How effective has the United States’ “No Child Left Behind” initiative been? Was it a good idea founded on good principles that did not reach the desired effect because of outside reasons?
  12. Should the college student body be more involved in the way its student governing officials are elected or hired? Would this lead to more informed decision or would participation be low?

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