Helpful Tips For Editing A Research Paper On Veterinary Care

One of the hardest parts to deal with when writing a high-quality essay is the editing phase. A lot of students don’t know how to approach it systematically and wind up spending several more hours doing it than is absolutely necessary. The following are some helpful tips for editing a research paper successfully:

  • Tip #1: Print Out and Make Edits on a Hard Copy
  • It’s much easier to make edits on a hard copy than it is to make them on the screen. Though it might seem counter-productive, printing out a copy will allow you to work faster and more efficiently than it you would if you tried to make them right on the screen. Plus it allows you to get away from your desk for a bit and work on your assignment from a slightly different perspective.

  • Tip #2: Edit for Sentence Clarity and Word Choice
  • Complex ideas do not have to be expressed in complex sentence structures or by the use of long and difficult words. Choose the simplest and most direct way to state your ideas in order to avoid any confusion. Use a dictionary and thesaurus and always opt for the shorter and most common word.

  • Tip #3: Aim to Cut Your Work Down Significantly
  • Many students mistakenly believe that the more they write the higher the score they will receive. This is just plain wrong. You’re writing should always be concise and direct, which means that if you can say something effectively in 10 words or fewer do so, instead of trying to express your idea in 15 words or more.

  • Tip #4: Ask Someone to Make Even More Edits
  • It’s always a smart idea to have a second pair of eyes look over your work and make additional edits. You can ask a friend or classmate, or you can search for a free research paper editor online. Try discussion forums or tutoring sites. You will always have the chance to review the work before allowing the corrections, so it’s really to your benefit to get the extra help.

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